We are the cardio cousin of Rev3K gym. We spin to a rhythm based choreography in a candlelit and supportive, encouraging studio. Led by a team of passionate, professional and inspiring instructors.



We are open 7 days a week at various times. Please view our schedule below.


Our classes are affordable, at only $10.00/class tax included.


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Our bikes

THE SC SERIES from Stages

With the SC Series studio bikes, Stages Cycling proves world-class bikes aren't only found on the road. This smooth riding, easy to adjust, state-of-the art bike is equipped with Stages Power® Meters. Stages Power Meters are the industries benchmark in honest and accurate direct power measurements for indoor cycling. Stages SC Series bikes come with Stages SprintShift so riders can control their resistance in two ways for a truly custom ride. Stages bikes also have a CarbonGlyde drive train for the most natural road feel.



At Rev3K Spin, our instructor team's goal is to grow a studio and a community that when you enter you feel accepted and celebrated, exactly as you are. We spin in the dark on Stages S3 Bikes, where it’s okay to get lost in the beat of the music, the energy and the pack of riders around you. As instructors we know that sometimes you need to lose yourself, in order to find yourself. We hope that when you leave a class at Rev3K Spin, you walk out stronger and filled with the spirit of community and belonging to our fitness family. At Rev3K Spin, our instructors make sure no one gets left behind.

The studio

Our studio is an inclusive, welcoming gym community with:

  • Affordable price ($10.00/class including tax)
  • Convenient location, lots of free parking
  • Fitness family
  • Inspiring, energetic instructors
  • Stages SC3 Bikes
  • Custom studio and sound system, we ride in the dark; it is loud, sweaty and fun. 
  • Ambassadors and influencers devoted to giving back to the London community
  • Easy booking to ensure a seat in the the class of your choosing


Trained as teachers, both Tanya and Carey, have moved out of the classroom and into the spin studio. Both women love watching people reach their potential and feel inspired at school, at work or at the gym. Fitness has been a constant in both Tanya’s and Carey’s lives since the days of leg warmers and step classes. While swimming in a lake on a hot, southern Ontario summer day, Tanya and Carey put together their vision for what the ideal indoor cycling/spin studio would be. They wanted to create an affordable studio that was about more than just an indoor cycle studio, a spin class and a bike. They wanted to create an environment that was about people, connections, strength and community. Their spin class is a place to free your mind, connect with your body and be part of their inspiring community. They believe that in each spin class, the group works together and performs better because of one another… they ride in a pack and no one gets left behind.

Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments. We look forward to welcoming you into the Rev3K Spin fitness family.

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435 Windermere Road, Suite 200
London, ON, N6G 2M3

(519) 432-2436

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