THE SC SERIES from Stages

With the SC Series studio bikes, Stages Cycling proves world-class bikes aren't only found on the road. This smooth riding, easy to adjust, state-of-the art bike is equipped with Stages Power® Meters. Stages Power Meters are the industries benchmark in honest and accurate direct power measurements for indoor cycling. Stages SC Series bikes come with Stages SprintShift so riders can control their resistance in two ways for a truly custom ride. Stages bikes also have a CarbonGlyde drive train for the most natural road feel.



How to set up your Stages SC Series studio bike

There are 5 simple steps for fitting the Stages bike to each rider. Check out the tutorial video or view the steps below.



Set Fore/Aft to 0

To find the zero mark simply go to the back of the bike, loosen the blue dial and line up the zero so its at the back of the silver tube. Do the same process for the handlebars. Be sure to tighten the blue dials when your finished.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 12.06.48 PM.png


Adjust the seat height

Be sure to hold the seat stem and lift the seat lock lever. Adjust until the pin is in the appropriate hole. To check stand next to your seat and ensure that the top of your hips are even with the seat.


Adjust handle bar height

adjust handle bar height to be even with or slightly higher than the seat. You may want to go even higher if this is your first indoor cycling experience. 


Get on and pedal

If your wearing cycling shoes with SPD cleats simply clip in. If your wearing trainers, flip the pedal over, put your foot on top of the pedal and tighten down the straps.

If you notice that your toes are diving or pointing towards the floor or your hips are rocking you may need to adjust the height if needed. Carefully come off the seat, hold the seat, lift the fit lock lever and lower by one whole. Reassess and lock the fit lock lever in place.


Final check

While pedalling shift your hands on various positions on the handle bars, the hoods, the drops and the flats. If you feel over extended or if you feel like you could use a little more reach, simply turn the dial to the left and push the handle bards further away or pull them closer to you. Be sue to turn the blue dial to the right to lock it into place. Reassess once again.

If you are still unsure about your fit, please ask your instructor and they will gladly help you.