Our story

Trained as teachers, both Tanya and Carey, have moved out of the classroom and into the spin studio. Both women love watching people reach their potential and feel inspired at school, at work or at the gym. Fitness has been a constant in both Tanya’s and Carey’s lives since the days of leg warmers and step classes. While swimming in a lake on a hot, southern Ontario summer day, Tanya and Carey put together their vision for what the ideal indoor cycling/spin studio would be. They wanted to create an affordable studio that was about more than just an indoor cycle studio, a spin class and a bike. They wanted to create an environment that was about people, connections, strength and community. Their spin class is a place to free your mind, connect with your body and be part of their inspiring community. They believe that in each spin class, the group works together and performs better because of one another… they ride in a pack and no one gets left behind.